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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You sign up for a membership with Craft Brewery Solutions and your spare parts inventory is uploaded and stored in your location on our web site.
  2. At some point in the future, you experience a breakdown.
  3. You identify the manufacturer’s part number and search your spare parts inventory to see if it is in stock.
  4. You reach out to the manufacturer to see if they have one in stock or what the lead time is to get the needed replacement.
  5. If they are quoting a long lead time you then search the spare parts inventory of all Craft Brewery Solutions members to locate the needed part.
  6. Once located, you reach out directly to the member who has the part and confirm they are willing to “share” and hopefully the answer is a resounding “yes.”
  7. You call the manufacturer back and place an order for the part; you provide the PO/payment and provide the sharing member’s address as the “ship to” on the order.
  8. Once the order confirmation is received you provide this info to the loaner member and he gets the part ready for shipping.
  9. You arrange for the pickup and transportation of the part to your site – obviously need and cost will influence how quickly you receive the part (next day air, same day delivery service, etc).  You can also reach out to the team at Craft Brewery Solutions for assistance with the shippig and we will be more than happy to help out, for a nominal fee.
    Note: always make sure the package is insured at new replacement cost so that – God forbid it’s damaged – you won’t be out the money.
  10. The needed part arrives, you install it, and you’re back in business.
  11. You crack open one of your own craft beers to celebrate dodging such a massive bullet.

  • The Craft Brewery Solutions team assists with initial inventory of your spare parts and loading of information into database*
  • Once parts have been identified and inventoried we will look for common parts across multiple equipment suppliers and cross reference parts
  • We will work on identifying OEM names and parts numbers for spare parts where possible
  • Work to identify alternative sources for parts
  • Look for options to repair parts when possible (other members with the same part may have already done this and the knowledge can be shared)
  • Analyze the RSPL documents from all equipment vendors and assist with identifying critical items we recommend you have on hand
  • As membership rolls increase and common pieces of equipment and/or multiple pieces of equipment from same manufacturer are identified the Craft Brewery Solutions team will work with the members to ensure all items on the RSPL are in our network with each member picking up a share of the RSPL list
  • As members start working together to capture all items on RSPL you would be able to reduce overall inventory and still feel comfortable that needed parts are available within a reasonable time frame
  • Leveraging equipment suppliers for discounted pricing and number of members grows
  • Assistance with new equipment purchasing*

   Writing requests for quotes (RFQs)

   Requesting option pricing for standardized parts from different suppliers (reduces number of spare parts you need to stock in the future)

   Providing documentation for supplier to meet for FAT and acceptance prior to sending equipment to your site

   Attending FAT with you or in your place to free up your time

  • Assistance with equipment installation*

   Writing scopes of work for contractors to utilize in the bidding process

   Reviewing contractor quotes and assist with contractor selection

  • Assistance with performance audits and time studies to identify the weak links in your current equipment and look for solutions to improve efficiency and/or boost output*
  • Access to the years and knowledge of the Craft Brewery Solutions team to assist and help when required

*Additional charges may apply, including but not limited to travel expenses and work performed.

No. Although we started out in this direction and our primary focus is on the craft beer industry, our service is available to anyone who would like to participate. Distilleries, wineries, soda manufacturers and distributors – you don’t have to be a craft brewer to benefit from spare parts in the beverage industry (especially if you don’t want your customers going blind when they drink your stuff).

Although we always encourage you to “help a fellow brewer out” we can’t make you share a part. BUT REMEMBER: someday it could be you in that spot. Who knew empathy played a role in the production of great beer?

We accept credit cards, Pay Pal, checks, shoe boxes full of cash, and PO’s for existing customers. Basically if you have money you want to give us, we will find a way to get it.

No, we offer both semiannual and quarterly payment plans but an additional service fee is added for each additional payment (websites aren’t free!).

No, Craft Brewery Solutions provides the platform for the members to share spare parts inventory and to sell/trade items they are no longer using themselves.

The member receiving the parts is responsible to arrange and pay for the shipping/transportation and insurance. The member sharing the part will take care of packing it up as long as it is not too large or does not create an unreasonable amount of work.

Members can also reach out to the team at Craft Brewery Solutions for assistance with shippinng.  We will arrange for the pick-up, drop off and pay the shipping costs.  You will be invoiced for the shippinng costs plus a fee of $10 or 5% of the shipping costs, which ever is greater.

No, everyone must have his/her own membership. Please keep in mind, this site cannot host itself!

The whole idea for Craft Brewery Solutions was to take local/regional networks and expand them to other Breweries you would not be able to reach on your own. So we encourage you to keep up your old friendships and support networks. You can still share your inventory but are not allowed to search for parts in the network for your friends. They need to purchase their own membership for that (again, websites as nice as ours don’t grow on trees!).

No, these parts would not be included, only parts you own.

If you’re consciously reading this question, then you’re definitely paying attention. Personally, we’re partial to Gladiator. Even though he doesn’t drink any beer in the movie, we still get to drink beer while we watch it, standing up to chant “Maximus!” more often than we care to admit.

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