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Beer Industry NewsCraft brewing is exploding nationwide. By January 2014, America has over 2,768 craft breweries. Thousands upon thousands of people work in our brewing and distribution industry. We’re happy, employees are happy, and customers are happy (after all, we get paid to deal with beer, don’t we?).

As you’d imagine, our dynamic, fast-growing craft brewing industry is generating a lot of news. Reporting is from all over the map and – content-wise – all over the place. Think about it. Experienced craft brewers need more detailed facts about precise topics. Newcomers want more general, strategic information about how to survive and succeed. And of course all insiders want the inside scoop. Heck, hopefully you know about Craft Brewery Solutions by now and why we started this whole thing. Information can be a solution too!

Our What’s Brewing section reports the latest information helpful to everyone. Some articles are for those with experience. Others are for those who don’t have much more than enthusiastic taste buds. Just buzz through the list occasionally and see what sips your brew!

Read on, brothers and sisters in brewing!

If you want to suggest articles and topics, let our craft beer experts know.

Beer's Good
The Way Things Are Going, Craft Brews Might Soon Be Subsidized! Great news from academia (we’re talking about the schools, not the nuts). It turns out good old beer is nutritional and downright healthy. Research shows craft beer not only makes your body feel better, it actually helps your body be better. If there’s any better news late…

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California Drought
The ongoing drought in California could force everything to change for state craft brewers. Production techniques, pricing and even taste itself could be affected. Water is key to every brewer. Barley, hops, malt and related brewing equipment are important. But water is all important. Right now, water is getting awfully scarce. California has ove…

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Beer on TV
Craft beer is starting to get some real news coverage on television. Two beer-dedicated shows were launched last year. "Brew Dogs" is a weekly show on the new Esquire Network. The stars are the two owners of Scottish brewery BrewDogs who visit different breweries and get into “screwball brew” situations. Another show is "Beer Geeks," …

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Hoppy Day
American craft brewing is expanding fast, brewing some of the best beers in the world. In just thirty years, small craft brewing became big business, generating sales which are now 10% of the $100 billion annual brewing business. In the 1970s, the USA had only 50 brewers. Today there are over 2,500. Big brewers beware. The start was the 1980s leg…

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