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You know how to brew beer. Toss your malt into the mash tun, then remove the wort and plop it into the lauter tun. Once you’ve separated out the wort, put it into the brew kettle and add some hops. After the boiling is complete, get rid of solids with the whirlpool before running the wort through the wort chiller. Congratulations, your beer is now ready to ferment. You’ve been at this awhile, so brewing is no longer rocket science, but the temperature ranges and time required for each step are still tightly controlled. If something breaks, you could be up a certain kind of creek. Your brewing equipment supplier probably won’t get back to you for a week and then they’ll tell you it’ll take a month or longer to get you a replacement. Your customers won’t care your lauter tun is broken or that spare parts take weeks to arrive.

Here’s why “Solutions” is the anchor in our name! Don’t waste time twiddling your thumbs and losing customers when you could be brewing. Craft Brewery Solutions has a network of craft breweries ready to help you get the mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle, or any other spare parts needed to get going again. Whether your craft brewery needs to replace or expand its brewing equipment by acquiring spare parts, Craft Brewery Solutions is here to help.

For troubleshooting all your microbrewing parts and equipment needs, give us a shout.