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Fill Height Inspections

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Fill Height Inspection

You know how bad it feels when you’ve been shortchanged at a store? Just imagine the heartache your customers feel when the occasional less-than-full bottle ends up in their hands. For true beer lovers, the ones who seek out specialty brews like yours, it’s almost a personal affront. Fact is, no matter how good your brew might be (and we know it’s good), getting “shortbeered” just leaves a bad taste in every customer’s mouth. Not a good thing, particularly nowadays with everyone being so quick to go off on a social media rant.

Sure, accidents happen. We know that, of course. But your customers don’t. They are just anxious to blast you all across your Yelp page. When your reputation is on the line, the best damage control is damage prevention. If you don’t have spare parts on hand to repair the fill height inspection devices at your brewery, somebody else does. From full container conveyors to bottle coders, take a look on the Craft Brewery Solutions exchange and see what spare parts are available that might fill your needs the same way beer fills a bottle.

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