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Fermenters for Craft Breweries

Production Will Tank...Without a Fermentation Tank

Beer Fermenters

Need volume production with more beer kettles and fermentation tanks? Looking for an extra thick bottom to prevent scorching or an ideal height-to-diameter ratio to reduce the chance of boil over, etched calibration marks, brew thermometer, 3 piece ball valve, handles, and low step indentation? If you need it, Craft Brewery Solutions is the place to start looking!

As you already know, conical fermenters help you replicate the professional stainless conical fermenters you see in almost every commercial brewery. Be sure to look for one which makes it easy to sample (for tasting or testing) at any time. You’ve got to admit fermentation is fairly important to brewing. Unfortunately, you’ve also got to admit equipment breaks, production gets out of sync with sales, and sometimes you just need spare parts which take waaaaaaay too long to arrive after they have been ordered.

When stuff happens, you need Craft Brewery Solutions! We’re chock full of craft brewers just like you, some of whom have the exact fermentation equipment you need. Also, they’re willing to share parts they have on hand right now for just the shipping expense, letting the new one you purchase be sent to them instead (they can afford to wait however many weeks for another backup).

Ask yourself some questions. Want to rack the clear beer first? Allow secondary to occur without disturbing the yeast? Sanitary construction, easy clean-up, and temperature stability? Yeast harvest capability, closed system-pressure transfer capability, AND compact-refrigerator sizing? Or do you just want the beer to acquire off-flavors while it sits on dead yeast? (Actually, this shouldn’t be a problem for around 5-7 weeks).

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