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Case Packers for Craft Breweries Minimize Product Loss

Case Packer

Considering how thin the glass in bottles has become, safe handling during packaging is more critical than ever to avoid product loss. Craft breweries need case packers that work quickly to maximize the number of cases packed per minute, minimizing glass breakage. This pretty much rules out Cousin Jed and your neighbor’s stoner son. Fortunately, there are mechanized case packers capable of packing anywhere from 15 cases per minute to 35 cases per minute, gearing them up for the depalletizer. These machines are not only astonishingly fast, they’re far more careful than your average human hands. Unfortunately, they also break down occasionally. Through the Craft Brewery Solutions exchange, you’ll likely find another brewer willing to share their spare parts. Stop crying over spilt beer and start looking for more parts to cover your entire beverage packaging process.

Carton Loader

12 pack carton loader