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Garage Sale

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Sell and Trade Equipment and Supplies

A garage sale? Who’d want to sell their garage?

Garage Sale

But of course, they’re not selling their garage. They’re selling what’s in it! Most of us have experienced this problem at some point in our lives: after being in the same place for a while we start to accumulate extra stuff. Some of it we outgrow, some items we never really needed (but just felt like we had to have them for whatever reason). Eventually there comes a time when the extra stuff needs to go, and what better way than to have a garage sale?

Well, we opened the overhead door at Craft Brewery Solutions just for this – a garage sale at the national level where craft brewers all around the country can sell or trade equipment and supplies. A few spare parts which you might have lying around:

Kettles (Ma and Pa? No, just you – and you need to keep the wort boiling.)

Fermenters (The loud-mouthed guys who start riots? Actually, there will be a riot if your beer isn’t fermented!)

Bright Beer Tanks (As opposed to “dumb” beer tanks? Keep your beer crisp and haze-free.)

Centrifuges (Sounds nuclear, doesn’t it? In this case, a centrifuge just reduces your processing times.)

Carbonators (Now this sounds like something you WOULD find in a garage! Your customers don’t want noncarbonated beer do they?)

Palletizers (Hors d’oeurves in between courses at the dinner party? Palletizers get your beer out the door faster, so customers can drink it and you can get paid.)

Carton Erectors (If this lasts more than four hours, you better call a doctor! Er, wrong item – and this one doesn’t even require a prescription! Carton erectors make production better and faster – not longer.)

Case Sealers (A good lawyer? Try again. Case sealers seal your cases of beer. Duh!)

And many more…

Seriously, if you’ve got some equipment or supplies you want to sell or swap, the Garage Sale from Craft Brewery Solutions is the place to be. Stop by often!

As craft breweries grow, expansion is the norm. If demand outstrips supply, equipment problems can cripple production just as your new label is taking off. When problems happen, the best place to go just might be the Garage Sale at Craft Brewery Solutions. It’s the place to sell your previous equipment by simply making a post for what you have to sell, or writing a post for whatever you need – just be sure to mention when you need it.

Trust us, other craft brewers all over the country are in similar situations. Pretty much all of us have too many challenges and too little money (but we do have plenty of beer, which is more important anyway). Our Garage Sale is perfect for when you’re in a bind. Remember, all problems are really opportunities in disguise. Here’s a way to find what you need at affordable prices. Or unload used – actually, “not-being-used” – equipment so you can turn it into money (which you CAN always use!).

Still have a question or two before your brewery begins buying and selling immediate spare parts?

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