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Air Compressors

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Compress Air, Not Your Brewing Equipment

Air Compressors

Air compressors are necessary but they sure are noisy. We said, “THEY SURE ARE NOISY!” Noisy but needed (the bottling process requires quite a bit of air, after all). You gotta keep the beer flowing toward the towers, in addition to all that wort and yeast aeration. Before fermenting, you add sterile air to the wort. During fermentation, sterile air goes to the fermenters. Compressors are what drive your bottling and packaging machinery.

Unfortunately, when you fire up a noisy compressor for keg cleaning, you might think you’re being attacked by an Abrams Tank. There are a larger number of different air compressor types than you can count. Maybe yours was made in Latvia with parts from Senegal. Good luck waiting for new manufacturer parts while production dwindles!

The Craft Brewery Exchange is your answer. When you need emergency spare brewing parts for your air compressor, log into the database at Craft Brewery Solutions. You’ll find your part, you’ll fix your beer-making process, and customers will continue buying your delicious craft beer. Cha-ching!

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