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Fermentation and Finishing

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Fermentation and Finishing are BIG. But What If They Get Too Big?

Craft brewing is all about consistency. So what do you do when the flavor of your beer is consistent and your sales are exploding uncontrollably? Perfect fermentation takes weeks and your capacity is limited by how many tanks you have. You’re restrained by how many centrifuges, palletizers, and bright beer tanks are in your brewery, along with whatever else your operation is missing. Selling more of your beer is always the goal, yet brewing more – and brewing it well with a consistent finish – is essential to increase sales. If things get out of control, a lack of fermentation and finishing could drown your craft brewery in sorrows.

Fermentation and Finishing

Great news then: Craft Brewery Solutions is here to help! Our nationwide network of craft breweries is a brotherhood of brewers built to look after one another. The exchange we’ve set up helps you locate and borrow the exact spare parts to boost production without burying your profits. Our lending system for brewing parts keeps business after business brewing strong. As big or little as the part needed is, someone out there has it. You can literally borrow an entire craft brewery from our exchange (OK, not literally, but over time, the number of parts which bail you out might approach an entire craft brewery).

Afraid your beer will look like a fog bank rolling in? Want more clarity (in your beer!)? A filtration system makes things as clear as can be. Coarse beer filters remove particulates and protein haze. Micron sterile filters remove yeast particles. If you don’t want it in there, a filtration system gets it out. A working filtration system is an absolute must.

A certain country wants centrifuges for nuclear purposes, whereas your craft brewery just needs a centrifuge to reduce processing time, cut fermentation and maturation times, increase throughput, and settle yeast quicker. The Craft Brewery Exchange likes your need better!

An almighty Carbonator provides an easy, effective way to carbonate or preserve a carbonated beverage. All you need is a CO2 system, the Carbonator, and empty bottles – IF you have a working carbonator, that is.

A fresh brew needs to be filtered, chilled, carbonated, and aged – the greatest way to check off everything on this list is through a bright beer tank, which your craft brewery surely has. But yours is broken, you’re in a time crunch for replacement parts and can’t wait the few weeks it takes to get the parts from the equipment supplier. However, all is not lost! You can locate the parts right now – along with countless other spare parts – from the exchange network at Craft Brewery Solutions.

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