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Be a Utility Man for Your Brewery


You can’t brew beer without utilities. But the type of utilities depends on you. When you choose what type of beer to brew, your decisions about utilities are practically made. Some you’ve got to have. Others depend on how much automation you want. They also depend on how much money you have (sorry!).

Likewise, how long of a shopping list do you have? Malt mills, cold or hot liquor tanks, water treatment? Then of course there are steam generators, air compressors, and coolers. Getting tired yet? Control panels, bottling equipment, and kegging systems. Now you’re tired.

Brewery air compressors, CO2 systems, beer boilers and coolers are all brewing equipment utilities.

Well, before you spend yourself into oblivion, contact Craft Brewery Solutions. Our members are all craft brewers, some of whom have what you need already available – and definitely available to you! Save yourself a ton of time and trouble.

Drop Craft Brewery Solutions a line, and we’ll get back to you…even when we don’t feel like it!