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Wort Chillers for Craft Breweries

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Chill Out...Spare Wort Chillers are Here!

Wort Chiller

You have come a long way from the mash tun and it’s almost time for fermentation to begin, but you’ve got to get the wort cool first. Your wort chiller needs to be working properly or you might contaminate your wort with unwanted yeast. When your wort chiller breaks, your entire craft brewery might have to shut down production while you’re stuck waiting for replacement parts to arrive.

You want to get brewing again or add a seasonal line now, not whenever your dealer gets around to sending you replacement parts. Within the community of craft brewers on Craft Brewery Solutions, you can count on support from brewers who have been in your situation before. Locate and share spare parts quickly and easily through Craft Brewery Solutions.

Deal directly with brewers who have what you need and can get it to you as soon as possible. Craft Brewery Solutions helps craft breweries get the right brewing equipment into EVERY brew house and onto the production line faster than ever before.

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