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Lauter Tun for Craft Brewers

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A Brewery with Spare Lauter Tuns? Yeah Buddy!

Lauter Tun

When it’s time to separate the wort from the grain, you turn to your trusty lauter tun. Recirculate the wort and sparge it to get ready for boiling in the brew kettle and adding hops. If the lauter tun’s false bottom or rakes break, a craft brewery might suddenly be faced with a stuck sparge or worse. Getting replacement parts from your brewing equipment supplier is going to take a lot longer than you and your thirsty customers can wait. Join the craft brewery community at Craft Brewery Solutions and you’ll be in contact with other brewers who understand your needs and have the spare parts you’re waiting on. Craft Brewery Solutions spare parts exchange program will locate spare parts faster than you can say, “Cheers.” Get in touch with a fellow craft brewer on Craft Brewery Solutions and have your lauter tun up and sparging pronto.

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